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WB Tribunal admits writ challenging denial of exemption on inter-state sale of petro-products
December 04 2018
West Bengal Taxation Tribunal (WBTT) stays recovery of tax while admitting writ challenging Declaration Form appended to Rule 34(2) of West Bengal Sales Tax Rules, 1995 as ultra vires Section 17(3) of...View more
Haryana Govt. extends due date for filing annual returns for FY 2017-18
December 03 2018
Haryana Govt. extends the period for furnishing of online annual returns for FY 2017-18 up to December 31, 2018, consequent upon implementation of electronic governance under Section 54-A(1) of Haryan...View more

Karnataka HC grants interim relief, stays VAT re-assessment under GST regime
November 27 2018
HC grants stay of Single Judge decision against re-assessment order passed under Karnataka VAT Act, 2003 post 101st amendment to Constitution of India; Petitioner contended that since Entry 54 of List...View more
CBIC prescribes procedure for IGST refund on export of goods from non-EDI sites
November 27 2018
CBIC prescribes procedure for refund of IGST paid on exports of goods done from non-EDI sites; Requests to speed up refunds, and directs that field formations be suitably instructed for uploading bala...View more

DGFT extends validity period of EPCG Authorizations from 18 to 24 months
November 19 2018
DGFT extends validity period of EPCG Authorisation from 18 months to 24 months; Further, extends validity of EPCG authorizations issued prior to issuance of this Public Notice & whose validity has...View more
Maharashtra Govt. lays procedure to confirm set-off passed by supplier, modifies e-CST module
November 15 2018
Maharashtra Govt. issues Circular laying down procedure/methodology to confirm set-off passed on by supplier and claimed by buyer, in suppression of Trade Circular 24T of 2018 dated September 1, 2018;...View more

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HC : Upholds CESTAT, allows refund of service tax paid on brokerage collected from FIIs
December 13 2018
HC dismisses Revenue’s appeal against order of CESTAT allowing refund of service tax paid on brokerage charges collected from the Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs); CESTAT had held that, in...View more
HC : Principal business place, not contract execution place determines situs of Trademark/Patent transfer 
December 18 2018
HC rules on situs of Patent/trademark sale, holds that transfer of such right, assessable to tax as sale of intangible/incorporeal goods is exercised from principal place of business of assessee; Note...View more

CESTAT : Extends credit to 100% EOU, however, denies credit of service tax paid under VCES 
December 13 2018
Delhi CESTAT allows CENVAT credit of Rs. 2.78 crores (approx.) to assessee, a 100% EOU in respect of inputs and capital goods procured from indigenous suppliers on payment of duty, relies upon co-ordi...View more
HC : Meagre 25 days delay cannot deny assessee statutory right to appeal, remands matter 
December 18 2018
HC allows assessee’s writ challenging order of Commissioner (Appeals) rejecting assessee’s appeal filed beyond prescribed period; Elucidates that, “the valuable statutory right of ap...View more

SC : Upholds CESTAT, declared transaction/assessable value rejection unsustainable sans evidence/reasons by Department
December 13 2018
SC dismisses Revenue’s appeal against order of CESTAT which accepted declared transaction value (TV)/assessment value (AV) of imported Aluminium Scrap absent evidence furnished by Department to ...View more